• Registration Packet
    Attached you will find a PDF copy of the PES Registration Packet.

    You may print and bring to the main office during regular office hours,

    or you may pick up a copy of the packet to fill out.

    2016-2017 Registration Packet

PES Registration

Pickering Elementary School is registering for the new school year beginning

June 6-August 4 from 8:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. Monday-Thursday for LA4, Kg-6th grade.  You must bring your child’s Social Security card, birth certificate, shot records and previous school report card.  Accepting applications for LA4 preschool, LA4 guidelines:  Child’s original Birth Certificate, Proof of Household Income, Shot Records, Child’s Social Security Card, and must be 4 years old by September 30, 2015. For more information call 537-3394.  Office closed on Fridays during the summer.   Applications for Head Start apply at the Head Start office - 1409 S. 4th St. - Behind Burger King.



Pickering Elementary's
Registration Information  

Louisiana school attendance laws state that in order for a student to enter the next grade level, the student must have attended a minimum of 167 days of school in the previous grade level regardless of the situation or school attended.

What this means for military families is that immediately upon arriving at a new town, it is extremely important that you register your child in the school for the area you reside even if the residence is only a family vacation between duty stations or a temporary home (ie, military guest house) and may cause another school change later due to housing assignment. Temporary lodging in the Magnolia Guest House and visiting relatives in between duty stations for extended periods of time, for example, is not excusable according to Louisiana state attendance laws. For your convenience, there is a Vernon Parish School Bus that picks children up at the Magnolia Guest House and transports them to the appropriate schools. For more information on bussing, please contact the school office for which you will register.

Registration Guidelines for P.E.S.

Please contact our secretaries at Pickering in order to answer any questions in regards to your children entering our school system. Upon arriving for registration to our school, please have with you: the child's birth certificate, a shot record, the social security card, any hand-carried records, and a copy of the most recent report card which will aide us in placing your child appropriately. You will need to fill out several sheets of paper so please give yourself enough time to spend with us.